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At the climax of the duel, Prince’s wife kills herself and Prince is captured and killed by the fire beast in the nearby cave. Conqueror finds Whispering Wind has fainted and claims him. Striding Cloud’s father, a blacksmith named Striding Sky, is forging the Ultimate Sword and completes the blade just before Conqueror’s forces raze his village.

As he is killed he reveals that the sword can only be used by using his own blood and Cloud is taken by the invading forces. Ten years pass, and Wind and Cloud are now both fully grown and highly skilled martial artists, raised by Lord Conqueror with his daughter Charity and adopted son Frost. The 3 sons act as Generals in Lord Conqueror’s army.

Wind and Charity begin to form a relationship, but she is seduced by Cloud and secretly has an affair with him. Conqueror is angered by his inability to open the puzzle box, and the disappearance of Mud Buddha.

He sends Frost and Wind to find him while Cloud is sent to claim the Unchallenged Sword and kill the clan leader, leading closer to completing his collection of powerful weapons in his Sword Graveyard. Cloud succeeds and Frost and Wind find Mud Buddha, now disfigured by boils as punishment from the Gods for revealing too much about the future to others. Later, Mud Buddha is taken by a masked fighter who easily repels both Frost and Wind.

The captured Mud Buddha unlocks the puzzle for Conqueror and reveals that “the dragon is powerful but will be stranded when wind and cloud become a storm” therefore ending Conqueror’s tyranny. Realizing it refers to Wind and Cloud and unwilling to accept his fate Conqueror plots to destroy them both. Upon realizing Cloud is interested in Charity, Conqueror decides to use her to marry Wind in hopes of Wind and Cloud killing each other. Cloud discovers the marriage and is quickly angered. On the day of the wedding Cloud abducts Charity.

Conqueror tells Wind to fight for his wife if he is a man. Wind and Cloud engage in a battle and Lord Conqueror tries to kill Cloud in their duel, but Charity sacrifices herself to save him. As Wind quietly grieves for his love, Cloud fights the Phoenix family for the Ice Vigor and uses it to preserve Charity’s body, but is soon discovered by Conqueror.

As they fight in a temple in the desert without water, Cloud’s Palm style proves to be useless against Conqueror without any source of liquid at the area. Cloud rips off his arm and uses his own blood as a final resort to be used as source of liquid which is necessary for his palm style to unleash considerable amount of power to create an opening for escape.

He is then discovered out cold by Muse and her father, Summit Yu. As they nurse him to health Yu discovers that the Fire Beast Arm he has trained to perfection rejects him and wishes to be bonded to Cloud and calls on specialists to bond his arm to Cloud. Unable to find Cloud, Conqueror moves onto destroying Wind, who he secretly poisons and sends on a mission to claim the Blood Bodhi fruit.

As the poison takes its toll Wind remembers the truth about who killed his parents, and uses the Blood Bodhi fruit that grows in the cave to heal himself as well as make himself even stronger. He then defeats the fire beast who killed his father using the Blizzard Blade retrieved by his father’s corpse.

Cloud trains his new arm with the help of Muse’s kindness before deciding to head back to Conqueror’s kingdom. Conqueror, believing himself free of the prophecy, challenges and defeats Sword Saint after the latter is distracted by Muse. Frost arrives and announces his discovery that it was Conqueror who kidnapped Mud Buddha and framed Wind and Cloud.

Conqueror, now deluded into the belief he is invincible, kills Frost, who attempts to leave the clan. Soon afterwards, Wind and Cloud meet upon the steps to Conqueror’s main hall and, united by their common enemy, confront Conqueror. As the fight spills over into the Sword Graveyard, Wind and Cloud are almost outmatched by Conqueror’s superior sword skills.

However, the blood from a cut on Cloud’s arm reveals to him the location of Ultimate Sword which Conqueror unknowingly had amongst the standard weapons littering the ground. With Striding Sky’s sword in hand, Cloud rejoins Wind in the battle and Conqueror is soon beaten, with Wind stopping Cloud from landing the death blow so Conqueror is left insane and tormented by the ghosts of those he has killed, including his beloved Charity.

Sutradara film ini adalah andrew lau dan dibintangi aaron kwok, ekin cheng, sonny chiba, kristy yang, dan shu qi. The movie does an excellent job portraying more family conflicts and complexities than we see in the typical family movies. They are young, free, and ready for anything. Directed by justin mcmillan, christopher nelius. Storm rider clash of the evils is a chinese animated feature film directed by dante lam and produced by puzzle animation studio limited and shanghai media group.

Now you can continue to download the storm riders film for free. Storm riders’s channel, the place to watch all videos, playlists, and live streams by storm riders on dailymotion Download movie the storm riders Download film the storm riders sutradara terbaik yang pembuat film ini mengerti dengan baik akan seperti apa film dan bagaimana posisi 1 pemain dengan pemain lainnya untuk bercerita dalam sebuah adegan film. Jadi tidak usah ragu lagi kalau ingin download film the storm riders sub indonesia di sini.

Riders of the storm is set in a world of steampunk aviators piloting their airships through storm clouds. Subtitles for p storm found in search results bellow can have various languages and frame rate result.

Riders on the storm The storm riders hanzi tradisional:. The screenplay and writing are good. Tidak heran jika pada akhirnya film ini termasuk salah satu film terbaik sepanjang masa. Before the third part, the manhua was originally titled fung wan, until the. Best film editing winner,. Nonton the storm riders gratis di dutafilm. The plot involves two children, whispering wind and striding cloud, who become powerful warriors under the evil lord conqueror’s tutelage.

VA Riders on the Storm Riders on the storm. Pin on Movies. Love this!!!!!


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User reviews 49 Review. Legend of the Phoenix Place: asia , thailand. As the poison takes its toll Wind remembers the truth about who killed his parents, and uses the Blood Bodhi fruit that grows in the cave to heal himself as well as make himself even stronger.


Storm Riders has the usual angst-tragedy overtones of wuxia films like CTHD or The Bride With White Hair; the Bad Guy, Lord Conquer, is (as usual) Trying To Take Over the World, and is given a prophecy that his success and failure hinge on two people, “Wind” and “Cloud”, who are mere children at that point/5(). Jun 02,  · Wind and cloud must once again face each other in martial arts showdown that will shap their fate, and the outcome of the nation. Renowned action choreographer Raymond Lee (HERO, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS) presents a sequel to Wai Keung Lau’s influential martial-arts epic STORM RIDERS with STORM RIDERS 2: WIND AND CLOUD. Jul 18,  · The Storm Riders: Directed by Andrew Lau. With Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Shin’ichi Chiba, Kristy Yeung. An evil warlord takes in 2 students (Wind & Cloud) in an effort to become invincible so he can take over the world.